Why I’ve kinda been AWOL on Social Media esp. Facebook

Hello hello hello… it’s Sarah btw Happy Friday! Super excited it’s Memorial Day weekend. I have some fun events planned. Even though every day for practically the last 2 months has felt like an extremely long weekend for me… I haven’t been working due to the current situation and am tremendously thankful that I have […]

Coffee diaries: Brevity

Brevity Coffee Co. 8802 Huebner Rd. San Antonio, TX 78240 No matter how hard we try and stay away, we just can’t help ourselves to a Brevity coffee….. Aaah finally! Our first of many clog posts about boffee and bafes…..wait a minute…..that didn’t make sense. BRB! Lets get some coffee real quick. cofeee cofooe coffee […]

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