Why I’ve kinda been AWOL on Social Media esp. Facebook

Hello hello hello… it’s Sarah btw

Happy Friday! Super excited it’s Memorial Day weekend. I have some fun events planned. Even though every day for practically the last 2 months has felt like an extremely long weekend for me…

I haven’t been working due to the current situation and am tremendously thankful that I have been blessed with benefits through unemployment. I’ve felt so lucky to be able to try new things, research, read, catch up with friends and family, have those lazy days and really just work on myself to focus on what I really want for myself.

The truth is that I never really get on Facebook or post as much on Instagram, Twitter and even eliminated Snapchat because of the expectations, constant life-comparing, & judgement that come with showcasing your life on social media.

This is what I think: who is even going to care about what I have to say or show? People are going to think oh, is that all she’s doing? I think about the disconnected family who feel a right to their opinion on my life. I feel that I came to this point because I always feel the need to show that I’m happy, that my life is going great or be that energy to cheer other people up all the time. It can be a lot of pressure and draining acting like your life is on track, or being that constant- asking everybody how they’re doing but no one is asking you.

I definitely did not put all of this in the best words to truly say what is going through my head. But getting some of it out feels like a burden lifted off my shoulders. What I do know is that these consistent feelings have wrecked my communication with others, possible opportunities I may have had, simple enjoyments, and my motivation.

It’s hard not caring what other people are going to think or say about you. That’s why it’s important to question your way of thinking and understand how it can affect your mentality, behavior and those surrounding you. Deeply get to know yourself and be in tune with your emotions; understand why you’re making the choices you are. I’ve learned that you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable & remember you can’t grow if you remain comfortable.

Anyway, here’s just a few things I’m writing here to remember:

  • Know your value
  • Do the best you can, sincerely. No BS
  • Do things for you & ask “is this ‘yes’ to them, deep down a ‘no’ for me?”
  • Don’t settle

If this was hard to ready, sorry.. I wrote this at 4 am 💀

Also I featured this particular quote by Zig Ziglar as a reminder that you can do anything you want, be whoever you want, it just takes that first step. Everyone starts somewhere.


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