Coffee diaries: Brevity

Brevity Coffee Co. 8802 Huebner Rd. San Antonio, TX 78240

No matter how hard we try and stay away, we just can’t help ourselves to a Brevity coffee…..

Aaah finally! Our first of many clog posts about boffee and bafes…..wait a minute…..that didn’t make sense. BRB! Lets get some coffee real quick.

cofeee cofooe coffee flkja;lfkj,dnlkkjlkvm coogffe OOOOH WEEE OOH WEE (mr. meeseeks voice) COFFEE. TOO. STRONG.

Aaaah finally! Our first of many blog posts about coffee and cafes! That’s better, thanks coffee 😉 Now now guys, listen here. Let us put y’all on this drive-thru coffee spot real quick called Brevity!

So in our neighborhood, there had been a little drive thru shop that was under construction for some time. We were always wondering what was being built. One day, we happened to be passing by on their opening day and we were ecstatic when we found out a new coffee shop was built! We ordered lattes and to our surprise the prices and the drinks were so good. The workers were just the sweetest and tried to get to know us. We loved our first experience. We left the drive thru saying “Wow wow wow”!

Now, like many others, we enjoyed the occasional Starbucks drink, but we were never ones to go that frequently. Honestly, it was pretty rare that we would go to Starbucks and we didn’t really have a go-to coffee shop. The ones we like are either too far or have very limited hours.

But we loved Brevity so much that we went again…and then again…then a couple more times aaaand it quickly became part our weekly or biweekly “self-care” regimen lol.

They have a wide variety of drinks to select from: iced lattes, flavored teas, smoothies, They also have these interesting Red Bull drinks for all my Red Bull lovers out there. But as you can see, our favorite drink is their lattes. Our go-to lattes are their hazelnut and vanilla lattes. You can really tell they use the best ingredients because the flavor of the coffee bean shines through every single time.

main Reasons to go:

  • Lower prices than your typical coffee chain
  • Loyalty punch card
  • They often have promotions like $3 large coffees, 9 hole punch days, BOGO free on special occasions, raffle prizes like free merch & gift cards, $2 XL infused teas, triple punches during food drives, and more….
  • Dairy-free alternatives like oat or almond milk are available
  • Sugar-free options
  • Quick service
  • Strong flavors

P.S. stay tuned for details on their second location opening soon…

We can’t stress enough how important it is to support local businesses especially in the midst of social distancing. It’s nice to have a treat every now & then but even better when it’s from a familiar & friendly face.

Don’t forget to tip your baristas btw 😉

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