Sunset vibes eyeshadow look

Out of the two of us, Kat is typically the one to come up with all sorts of eyeshadow looks. Also, since social distancing became a thing I haven’t really done my makeup at all. Well, I finally got in the mood and decided to go for a summery look.

I’m in no way a makeup guru so I’m gonna try my best to explain how I achieved this look. First take a look at the products I used:

I started with a bright orange all over the lid. Next I took a pink shadow and packed that onto the inner portion of my lids. To get that sunny look I topped it off with a bright yellow into my crease, outer lid, and under my eye. Added a tiny bit of red eyeliner. Packed some highlighter into the inner corners of my eyes and voila!

I loved this look because it was super simple to do but I think lashes would’ve given it that extra flare. Gonna try to come up with some cuter, more artistic looks next time.

Comment down below what ya think!

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