Never thought we would have thrifting withdrawals

Before quarantine, Saturdays typically started with a breakfast taco and a Brevity latte in hand. Energized by our caffeine, we were set to go to every thrift store in the city….or at least we attempted to go to all of them. Our appreciation for thrift stores and resale shops has only grown since social distancing came into play and shut down local stores.

Out of luck, we had to find an alternative to our probably-unhealthy thrifting obsession. Next thing you know, Facebook Marketplace and a little app called OfferUp became part of our morning newsletter, along with the norm of catching up on Instagram.

First of all, why do we love thrifting or ‘used’ items so much?

  • Amazingly cost effective of course
  • You can find unique items you might not find online or in stores
  • Every item has a story
  • It can be creatively challenging
  • Great place to find abstract materials for sewing
  • Halloween costume destination
  • Did I say the prices?
  • Can become a hobby to enjoy with friends
  • Greater satisfaction in finding cherished treasures

Moving along, we wanted to share with you guys all of our latest finds on FB and OfferUp!

  • Painted bistro table $60
  • Wicker patio chair FREE
  • Wicker patio table $30
  • Snake plant w/o pot $8
  • Hand embroidered butterfly wall art $45
  • Twisted rattan glass top table $60 (these go for nearly $200 online!)
  • Moroccan shaped mirrors $5
  • Elephant pot with aloe plant $7
  • Patio bench w/ cushion (pup not included) $40
  • Full size wooden platform bed $70
  • Cement bust of David w/succulent $25 (Grecian bust planters start from $40 and up depending on material)
  • Hanging macrame wall art $7
  • Large oval mirror $10 (DIY rope mirror)
  • Small Tiffany lamp $30
  • Ceramic trinket containers $10

My personal favorites have to be David & my rattan table. When I picked up David, the nice man who sold it to me was super sweet and nice. He could see how excited I was about it and was happy to sell it to someone who would care for it! As for the table, I messaged the seller on OfferUp and it was already pending sale. Eager (knowing the retail price), I told the seller I would pay more than her current purchaser. They were paying the asking price of $50. Oooh this should be easy! I offered her the extra $10 and to pick it up within two hours and she was sold! -S

Probably going to tone it down for a while but share with us in the comments your latest unique finds!

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