Rainy days and coffee

Hey all, I hope all is well and y’all are enjoying Quarantine. It’s been a while since I’ve logged on, but I wanted to share about how I’m spending my quarantine.

Like many people, parts of my quarantine have been pretty bummy so to turn things around, I’ve decided that my sister and I had to get creative and find inspiration wherever we can. I’ve been doing DIY projects, cooking a lot, buying plants (hopefully they will not die!), FaceTiming family, watching new movies and shows, and starting new hobbies that I never though I would get into—blog posts to come!

To help get out of my slump sometimes, I like to go get a local coffee from my favorite coffee shop, but I recently moved and stumbled upon a new spot to try- Tuxedo Cat Coffee. It had been raining for several days now and needless to say, my spirits needed to be lifted!

I was on my way home when I spotted the cutest little coffee truck hanging out in the driveway of a local nursery called The Garden Center. The truck had cute cat stickers all over it and a menu filled with cat themed drinks like “William Shakespurr”. I have a feeling the owner likes cats….just a hunch lol.

I tried the toffee nut latte and my sister got the “William Shakespurr”. The toffee nut latte was not too sweet and the flavor of the espresso really came through. The “William Shakespurr” is not for everyone, there is no espresso in it but it is a latte with tumeric. The owner allowed me to try the drink with espresso in it and I definitely prefer it without…it made it a tad more bitter.

The owner was so sweet and she even gave my sister and I extra shots of espresso on the house and let us try the CBD oil. Her hospitality alone would bring me back. I’ll be going back to try some more cat drinks!

We love someone that’s conscious about plastic waste, she had the cutest paper and metal straws!

We took our drinks and strolled around the nursery and found a cute furry friend along the way named Otto. They had so many plants and my favorite—-succulents! They had a koi pond and you can tell the owners really take the time to care for this nursery.

I spent a good hour here for some quality time with Sarah admiring all the plants and just enjoying the day. Quarantine may not be the best, but it sure gave me the gift of time and I plan on soaking up every minute of it. My only regret is not learning the coffee truck owners name! Oh well, an excuse to go back.

What perks y’all up on those rainy and gloomy days? I would love to try some new things out. Share your thoughts below with us.


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