Quarantine Nature Walk

13105 Babcock Rd. San Antonio, TX 78249

Happy Sunday!

I’m sure everyone is going crazy by now being locked up inside due to this virus. We were absolutely dying to get out of our little apartment so we went for a walk. We weren’t going to let the rain stop us! It was nice to feel the fresh air and listen to the birds sing and let our minds wander. Being 2020, it’s easy to forget about the little things when we’re wrapped up in our phones 24/7. We wanted to share some photos we thought were cool and hope you guys can appreciate nature a little bit more too.

I feel like Bilbo would sit on this bench. Isn’t it cute?

Perfect trail for a stroll or if you’re big on biking! The park is well-maintained and there’s so much you’ll see. There are perfectly paved trails for parents with strollers and off-road, rocky paths for those looking for a rugged bike ride. We even saw a couple people trying their luck fishing! Bamberger park is a small portion of the Leon Creek Greenway- which runs from UTSA all the way to Military Dr.

Love this trail because there are so many unpaved pathways to explore
Stumbled across a cool tree house someone set up


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