You’ve seen that movie right?

Or should I say movies… You’re probably thinking, okay what is this girl talking about?

You know!! I’m talking about the stereotypical scenes of the girls who blow money on shopping or have a “retail therapy” day with their best girlfriends. And I’m sure almost every girl can relate. I feel like shopping is in our blood.. I know I can never resist a good sale.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself “okay this is the last clothing item I’m going to buy for a while.” Let me just say that working at a mall doesn’t help. Anyway, onto the outfit details….

I’m super into the festival looks lately and wanted to find a simple, cute, boho outfit that doesn’t totally scream Coachella. (Pasties and see-through mesh tops aren’t quite the everyday look.)

I’ve been searching for a skirt like this one for the longest time and finally found one that came with built-in shorts! All the ones I’ve seen have been going for $40 and I was lucky enough to find this cute little skort at Forever 21 for $15. I paired this cropped, rock tee I scored for eight bucks in F21s clearance section and threw on a denim jacket as a layering piece. The western-style genuine suede purse completed my outfit perfectly! Not to mention the fact that I won that one at the thrift store for a lump sum of $2 AND in brand-new condition:-) Paired with the perfect set of booties and voila, you’re good to go!

I’m slowly trying to find my style… I don’t know if this outfit is completely ‘boho’ per se, but definitely boho-inspired! I’m loving the graphic tees & frilly skirts I see everywhere! Comment down below some accessories you would add to the outfit 🙂


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