Pink eyeshadow meets classy casual

Classy casual is the type of look that has been catching my eye lately. One of my fashion inspirations is this vlogger named Ashely or aka Bestdressed from YouTube. She loves thrifting and her clothes are cute, but what I like most about her look is that she always tries something new and experiments with a lot of different silhouettes and patterns.

On my normal day to day, I tend to dress pretty casual. Give me my jeans, shirt, cardigan, and my sneakers and I’m walking out the door. My job requires that I sit down a lot so choosing to be comfortable over looking good usually wins me over. I’m slowly starting to figure out that I can choose both.

When I want to go out for a bite to eat with friends and I want to dress up, I want to stay comfy and it honestly takes a lot for me to decide to wear heels. Give me about two-three hours and I’m crying that my feet hurt.

Well, I created this look as a happy medium between casual and dressed up. There ya go Kat, you can keep your sneakers on! Baby steps right!?

Originally I was going to step out with this pretty black sparkle tank top, some jeans, paired with my white sneakers. But I thought…what can I add to this look to look more dressed up.

I put on a black blazer, some gold hoops, a small backpack, and some bright pink eyeshadow for a pop of color. Those hoops though! Got them at Stein Mart for $15 and they’re made with Swarovski crystals!

The eyeshadow was simple; just two colors. I used the pink shade from my James Charles Morphe palette in color “Skip” and the pink shade from my Morphe “Hit the lights” palette in color “Euphoric”.

Is she classy or casual?…..Wait…She’s both! :0

Btw! My black top is thrifted! Yup, I’m a bargain shopper and a sucker for some unique finds. And I don’t know who pioneered the whole wearing sneakers with anything look, even with pretty dresses, or business clothes, but I’m here for it.

For my bag, it’s a backpack from Disney World that my older sister gifted me. I just started using it and I love it, not just for how it looks, but it carries everything I need for the day. I usually have a small purse with me, but I get frustrated trying to rummage around for the things I need. Backpacks are my practical option.

Who’s your fashion inspiration? Do you have any fashion tips I can try out? Drop your ideas in the comments below.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready to attack your week! Until my next post 😀

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