Why choose Olive Garden when Guillermo’s exists?

My love for Olive Garden runs deep, believe me. When I hear that “more bread?” from the server, my heart may just skip a beat for a sec… UM YES!!! Of course I want more bread, like that’s all I’m here for!

Despite my love for Olive Garden, I’ve been challenging myself when I eat out. That challenge was to go to local family owned restaurants instead of chain restaurants found anywhere you travel.

Craving Italian one day I decided to google top restaurants in San Antonio that will cure my craving but also won’t hurt my wallet. I came across Guillermo’s and decided to check it out.

I ordered their classic shrimp scampi which came with a house salad. Let me tell you- this dish is IRRESISTIBLE. It has since been a favorite of mine and my sister and I have found ourselves mimicking their salads at home- feta & pineapple? Who knew.

What enhanced my experience at Guillermo’s and actually kept me coming back was their environment. Since their parking lot is in the back of the restaurant, you are forced to walk through their outdoor seating area. They have multiple tables out on a large deck, decorated with twinkling lights and palm trees. The outside bar serves as the perfect waiting area if you prefer a room inside. Definitely presents a more relaxed, casual vibe but can also serve as the perfect date night if you get the chance to experience their live music.

I challenge you guys to go local! Skip the Olive Garden for once, and comment below some of your favorite family owned restaurants in town! 


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