Vida Mia Mexican Cuisine

Lately, I’ve really found myself on a breakfast taco craze. I find myself wanting one whenever I go out to eat. There’s just something about a creamy bean and cheese taco or a savory carne guisada taco that just hits the spot.

This saturday, I went out to brunch with my mother and sister and we stumbled upon Vida Mia Mexican Cuisine. I was like “okay…Mexican restaurant…well that means tacos. I’m in!”

Me looking at all the taco plates passing by

As soon as I got the menu I knew exactly what i was ordering, and to my surprise no, it wasn’t a taco. They had a picture of their mollete plate on the menu that looked too good not to order.

-A traditional mollete is made with half a crispy bolillo, topped with refried beans, melted cheese, and peppers.

The mollete plate came with three molletes: one with chorizo, one with crispy bacon, and one with Serrano peppers, onions and Oaxaca cheese. It came with a sauce that just amplified the flavor of each one.

The bread was crispy and the beans were creamy. It was really hard to decide which mollete was my favorite, because each one was a winner.

We ordered their pancakes too which were fluffy but had those crispy edges that not a lot of places have. Topped with butter and syrup, I foresee many more breakfasts here just for those pancakes….oh and they were only $5!

The food and overall atmosphere just felt homey. Good humble food that I could see myself trying—-emphasis on the trying—to make at home. And the way they decorated the place made me feel like I was at my grandma’s house.

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant you go to? Leave a comment below 🙂

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