Simple and Chic Golden Eyeshadow Look

I love eyeshadow. I love the way it can brighten up my eyes, make me look younger, awake, sultry, chic……eyeshadow is….LITERAL MAGIC now that I think of it.

Now, maybe I’m alone in this, but I feel like for those of us that wear makeup, we go through makeup “phases”. Phases where you feel like you found your groove with a makeup routine Aaaaand you probably kept doing the same look for a couple months…okay okay…maybe a year TOPS! Well that was definitely me a couple years ago at 19 years old. I had gone to Walmart and gotten an eyeshadow palette with primarily subtle pink tones and I absolutely loved it. I created about two looks with this palette and this was my look for pretty much the whole year. It was my comfortable, safe bet.

Looking back, I think I was just scared to try something different or be more bold with my makeup out of fear of what others may think or say. I had an idea of what eyeshadow was supposed to look like and if it wasn’t done that way, then it just wasn’t good. I know, dumb right? I definitely let this thought prevent me from being more creative with my eyeshadow. Today, I’m all about taking more risks with my looks and unleashing my creativity in the process.

I’ve since discovered liquid eyeshadow and to sum it up in one word: Genius. Sure I can spend an hour doing my eyeshadow, but you know what’s more tempting? Literally spending a minute doing my eyeshadow while still making a bold look. One hour to one minute? Like I said..Genius.

L’Oréal came out with a new range of liquid eyeshadows and the colors looked so vibrant that I thought it was worth a try. They retail for $10, but my local grocery store was having a L’Oréal coupon deal—spend $15 and get $5 off of your basket. I purchased one in the shade “Precious Lava”.

This shade is not only pigmented, but it lasted me all day long. I was wearing muted colors and it was the perfect shade to make a statement with my outfit. No eyeliner, just some mascara to keep it simple and classy. I felt glowy and bright wearing this eyeshadow, especially when I was outside and the light hit it just right.

I had on gold earrings so the eyeshadow definitely complimented this accessory and I swear my hair looked more golden because of it!

That’s a one minute makeup look y’all. Lazy days are no longer an excuse! That smile lasted all day long because my eyeshadow did!

The downside to this eyeshadow is that if you like to sometimes mix your liquid eyeshadows with your powders, it does not blend well. Although the eyeshadow stays on all day, it does move if you touch it. Sooo don’t touch it!

Verdict: I’m going back to the store to grab some more of the colors. L’Oréal came out with 12 shades….sooo definitely stay tuned!


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