Hidden Gem for Those with a Sweet Tooth

Baklovah Bakery & Sweets

Desserts you never knew you needed

I don’t know about you guys but lately I’ve been caught on a wave of finding that perfect pastry and I find myself being that person that constantly wants dessert.

I’ve tried the numerous panaderias around San Antonio and of course indulged in the greatness that is the Cheesecake Factory but wanted something rare to find. I learned about Baklovah through a friend and one day decided to see what they were about.

Let me tell you I was amazed!! Their pastry selection was more than I could ask for. As a religious follower of The Great British Baking Show, this bakery was as close I could get to tasting above average confections.

A few of my favorites include the large fruit tarte, chocolate chip cannoli, tiramisu and unique ladyfingers.

Primarily a bakery, Baklovah offers more than just baked sweet treats. Flatbread pizzas are perfect for your savory moments, gelato in the summertime and their sweets go hand in hand with their comforting cappuccinos. The greatness doesn’t stop there. Baklovah also offers free WiFi for their guests and a next door hookah lounge.

Baklovah is a must-try for people that want more than just a cupcake at a price that will keep you coming back.

Take a visit and let us know your favorite sweet treat in the comments below!!


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